gaijinmike 2013-09-15 14:17:30
Chishiki (2013-09-19 15:31:00)
I signed. I gotta tell you, I never really found half-naked chicks with anti-gravity racks all that troubling, perhaps because catering to the young male demographic seemed just how games were made and sold and who was I to question it. Thanks for making me question it. Kojima and his colleagues should be striving for realism, not pandering to chomos.
gaijinmike (2013-09-19 15:45:27)
You know me well enough to realize I am no prude, and am not some moral crusader against showing skin. But as a gamer who knows that not everyone who plays games is a 16 year old heterosexual male I am just getting increasingly pissed off with the way women are portrayed in my second favourite medium. The blatant and cynical reasons Kojima gave for his choice just really got under my skin. It made me realise that I was ignoring something I didn't like simply because that's how it is. Kinda bummed that so far only a handful of people have signed the petition out of the 300+ I contacted, maybe they are more apathetic than I was about it. I've tried to get it in games/geek websites but no one seem all that bothered. Yet a petition to Bring GTA5 to PC has over 300,000 signatures and was featured on a bunch of websites. Guess it's clear I am in the minority on this issue.